About ANORI Wind from North

Anori Wind from North is a 3D animation film. The film will be produced by Coco Digital Animations.
Welcome to the ANORI Wind from North production blog. Here you can follow the work and development of this project from the beginning to the end.
The final film will be 7 minutes long. The story is about a deep friendship between Yuko (Inuit) and Anori (Young polar bear)
Yuko rescues Anori from the clutches of hunters. Anori become a faithful companion of Yuko, but the end will come unexpected and sudden. The Production will be done with Maxon Cinema 4D.
The compositing with After Effects.

Special Thanks to

MAXON Computer GmbH, Adobe, Videocopilot, HP

Andrea Coco, Lucie Müller, Céline Müller, Sandra Kunz, Ralf Herbst, Helge Maus, Anshul Animator, Bakhtiyor Primkulov, Rui Bonacho

ANORI Wind from North is dedicated to my lovely Wife Andrea Coco